Helpful Websites and Links

I often get asked, "What ______ should I buy?" or "What is the best way to ______?" The sites I list here are good places to start -- I often use them as a "jumping off" point for my own research.

The Wirecutter.  A great site for extremely useful and thorough reviews of gadgets and gear.

US News Best Cars.  My favorite starting point for research into buying a new car (or truck or SUV).

iMore.  Great site with reviews and "how to's" for all things Apple.

Tech Talk America.  My absolute "go-to" site for learning to do things on the computer.  The site is a free collection of video tutorials to do any and everything on your computer, and is done with the non-tech savvy in mind so anyone can follow along.

Apple Price Guide.  Looking to buy a new iDevice or Macbook? This site is updated daily to help you find the best deal from the 7 most popular Apple Retailers (including Amazon and Best Buy).

Good Sites for Additional Reading

The following are sites that I frequent on a daily or weekly basis.  They offer a lot of interesting links, products, and commentary and are certainly worth checking out.

Richard Rohr’s Daily Meditations.  Fr. Richard Rohr has some great insight on God and how everything is connected.  His 2016 meditations will explore the theme of Love.  As described on his site, these are meant to "offer brief reflections on contemplative spirituality." I subscribe to these in the form of a daily email and they are well worth the read.

Six Colors. As described on the site, Six Colors "provides daily coverage of Apple, other technology companies, and the intersection of technology and culture."  A good place to keep up with tech news, especially involving Apple.

FiveThirtyEight.  This site uses polls and data to give interesting insight and analysis of politics, economics, and sports.

JANGBRiCKS. My kids and I love legos.  Jang has a website and youtube channel that reviews lego sets and provides delightful insight on them.  We love watching these videos together.

The Culture Blend. My friend Jerry moved to China, then back to the USA, then back to China.  This site gives his observations on transitioning between East and West cultures with a wife and kids.  Thought provoking.

Podcasts I Listen to

Accidental Tech Podcast.  Three guys talk tech, gadgets, and (sometimes) cars.  They have great chemistry, which makes it a delightful listen.

The Incomparable. Nerd out on pop culture, with a focus on sci-fi, fantasy, and superheroes.

Relay FMA network of many podcasts discussing tech, video games, life, and even pens.  Many different voices and you will likely find at least one show to fall in love with.

Stuff You Missed in History Class.  Fascinating look at various random topics throughout history.  Usually a quick listen under 30 minutes,

Hello Internet.  Two guys with an "odd couple" type feel discuss random stuff.  Very funny.

99% Invisible.  A podcast about the hidden design behind how things were or came to be.  Fascinating look at history and things we've taken for granted around us.

Mechanicsville Christian Center. Check out my church's weekly sermon here, or subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.  We have 4 pastors who regularly speak and each has a unique perspective on the bible and Christ's teachings.